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Where do we go?

Minden location: 428 East 5th Street, Minden, NE

Scottsbluff location: 2302 Frontage Road, Scottsbluff, NE 


What does my child wear?

The ideal outfit for a female athlete is a leotard while the ideal for a male would be a spandex top with shorts. If you don’t have these items don’t worry, tight fitting athletic clothing that allows for ample mobility is also absolutely acceptable. We ask that your athlete not wear baggy clothing that will lift over their heads both for their own comfort, but also to reduce the risk of entrapment by coaching staff while spotting. Gymnasts will be barefoot during class, if your child has a communicable infection that can be passed via contact please take appropriate precautions. Dance students will need appropriate footwear. Twinkle toes need soft ballet or jazz shoes, Leaps & Beats and collective dance need Jazz and tap shoes.  


What do we need to bring?

All your child will need is a water bottle and for long hair to be tied back.


Where do parents go?

We know that parents and children are equally excited, but we do ask that parents spend the duration of class time outside of the facility. This helps coaches to maintain the attention of your child but also keeps exits open and safe. 


How do we communicate with you?

Communication will be done through our email address at, the Facebook 

page @MyManifoldStudios, and the website


What about bad weather?

Weather closing will follow those of Minden Public Schools. However, please use your own judgement as to the safety of commuting. Cancellations due to weather will not be rescheduled. 

Are there make-ups if we miss a class?

Classes missed on the part of the gymnast can be made up when previously scheduled with the head coach. If you or your child is sick, please be considerate of other children and adults in our classes and stay home to get better. Opportunities for makeup classes are available each week by attending another class, so get well! If Manifold cancels classes for extenuating circumstances a make-up class will be scheduled.

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